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PTCB Launches Online Career Center for Job Seekers and Employers

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) announces the launch of its interactive job board, the PTCB Career Center, providing pharmacy technicians, employers, and the pharmacy community at large with an easy-to-use and targeted resource for online employment connections. The Career Center can be found at and already contains more than 150 career openings. Click here to learn more 

PTCB’s Recertification Process is Now Easier and Faster

CPhTs Need to Have an NABP e-Profile ID Before Recertifying

Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhTs) live busy lives both inside and outside the pharmacy. PTCB has been working to make the CPhT recertification process faster and easier. We recently invested in a streamlined recertification application process to save CPhTs time and provide immediate approvals, allowing them to recertify much faster as long as their CE hours are recorded in their NABP CPE Monitor account.

Please note: Their application deadline and certification expiration dates have not changed and continuing education requirements remain the same.

To take advantage of the new process, CPhTs must have an NABP e-Profile on file with PTCB before their next recertification deadline.

How is PTCB’s recertification process better? 

•             Eliminates the need to manually enter CE information already entered into CPE Monitor
•             Provides instant recertification/reinstatement
•             Quick and efficient application

How do CPhTs set up their e-Profile ID?
To set up an NABP e-Profile, CPhTs visit NABP’s website and create one. After creating their e-Profile account, they must be sure to add their PTCB Certification Number to the Credentials section of their NABP e-Profile. CPhTs should ensure that their e-Profile ID and birth date (month and day) match in their PTCB Account and NABP e-Profile. To update their birth date in their NABP e-Profile, they can follow these instructions.

How can they check if their e-Profile has been verified by PTCB?
After logging into their PTCB Account, they look for the next to their e-Profile ID on their Account home page. If they do not see the, they can add their e-Profile ID by clicking ‘Add your e-Profile’ under ‘Profile Summary’ or when applying for renewal.

Updated Renewal Fee
In coordination with this upgrade, PTCB will adjust the recertification fee for the first time in more than a decade (since 2007). Beginning October 2, 2019, the recertification fee will be $49 and the reinstatement fee will be $89. The existing $25 Late Application Processing Fee and $10 Reprocessing Fee will not change.

For information about creating an NABP e-Profile, refer to NABP’s Help page or contact NABP.

ASHP Pharmacy Technician CE

Please click link here to check out all the CE courses offered by ASHP.

What are the qualities of a good Pharmacy Technician? 

Incredible work ethic? Positive energy? Can-do attitude? Challenge junkie? Sincere heart for patients and their needs? I could go on and on.  Introducing Krista Schrader who embodies all this and more.  I had the opportunity to visit with Krista, pharmacy technician with The Clinical Pharmacy at Northwest Healthcare of Kalispell, Montana to discuss her career, her thoughts about the industry and the direction she would like to see the field take.  Read the full article about Krista, provided by Angela Jensen.

PTCB previously produced a short film that highlights the role of the pharmacy technician and the importance of PTCB certification. The film features leaders within the pharmacy community and certified technicians who speak about their own experiences.  View the video.

Do you wonder about a career as a pharmacy technician?  Below are links to resources if you would like to learn more.
--Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
--Allied Health Department, Seattle, Washington

Read more about the steps to obtain and maintain pharmacy technician certification in Montana.

800-363-8012 Would you like to know more about:
--How to prepare for certification                --The schedule to do so
--Cost and location to take exam                --And more?
The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board is your source.  Browse the site.

Where are the accredited programs in Montana?  Montana has an accredited program at City College -- MSU Billings.

Technician Membership in the MPA -- Technicians can join the MPA for only $30 for an annual membership (November 1 - October 31).  Benefits include greatly reduced fees for continuing education and having an association that advocates for the best interests of the profession in areas such as certification and licensing.  MPA supports technicians as an integral part of pharmacy.  It is a team connection between pharmacists and technicians that works to further the profession of pharmacy.  


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